Learn more about Democracy Volunteers

The Democracy Volunteers' School is designed to deliver high quality courses about various aspects of the electoral process and election observation. Citizen participation in election observation helps maintain, and improve, the standard of electoral processes across the world and strengthens democracy.

It is our goal that domestic election observation becomes normalised for voters - allowing them to challenge authority and the electoral process in a productive fashion.

We have a range of courses, some which are already available and others which will be available shortly including:

  • Short Term Observer UK (LIVE)
  • Long Term Election Observer & Introduction to Core Team Training (LIVE)
  • Challenges to Women Accessing the Electoral Process with Lesley Abdela (LIVE)
  • The Media and Election Observation with Elizabeth Blunt (LIVE)
  • Security Threats & Observation Missions (LIVE)
  • How to Observe the Counting of Votes – England (LIVE)
  • How to Observe the Counting of Votes – Scotland and Wales (LIVE)
  • Count Training – Northern Ireland (COMING SOON)
  • Different Electoral Systems (COMING SOON)